Rega Group


Sen Wang


Rega Group is located on the west coast of the United States, Covina California, since its inception with the understand of American culture, keen insight, long-term accumulation of rich experience in the United States, and with the major financial institutions, the US real estate developers to maintain long-term stability, furthermore, constantly expand the market, the business network throughout the United States, always in a leading position. To provide customers with the best quality of real estate projects and market developments to help customers create a real business value.


The group has several companies from the real estate development to the sale of housing which provides full management. The company has high-quality, professional and the experienced professional team, mature and perfect management service system and strong domestic brand cooperation alliance to provide real estate trade, development, management and property such as one-stop full-service.


Amazing people to work with if you are looking for property management or realty services help.

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